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What people who Spring Clean Year 'Round are saying

"Travis- your Spring Clean Year 'Round invention has been like a sacred guide for us for a happy marriage--at least in terms of chores--a huge blessing!"

Ryan P.
Santa Ana, California
(received as wedding gift)

"Travis, I received the cleaning system today and I LOVE it. I have already put all my cards into their days and months. I am so excited to start using it. Thank you SO much for all the effort you went to to make sure it was the colors and patterns I wanted. I truly do LOVE it!!"

Blessings on you,
Diana S.
Mackinaw, IL

"I'm not an organized person AT ALL! I thought I'd be overwhelmed with this product but I love it! It helps me break down chores into manageable pieces. I do a little bit each day and my two girls can help too. They love picking out their cards for the day. It is like 'paint by numbers' for cleaning. I love the flexibility it provides. Some days are crazier than others so I can reorganize my cards depending on how the week is going. It is one less thing that I have to think about!"

Marcie C.

"I just wanted to let you know I received the chore box a few days ago and I already started using it and I feel like I'm actually getting things done! This is so cool! This is such a neat idea! I will definitely tell my friends about this...."

Laura K.
North Liberty, IA

"I just wanted to THANK YOU for your product! I have never liked cleaning and it has always been a struggle for me. However, Spring Clean Year Round has helped me learn to enjoy cleaning. I have found a freedom in the idea of doing a little bit daily, weekly, or monthly rather than being overwhelmed by all the chores a few days of the year. My kids even enjoy helping! It feels so good to have a clean house with so little work required to keep it that way!"

Becky D.
Grand Forks, ND

"I just wanted to say thank you - I'm really satisfied with my purchase. I love the personalized service that you offer, the colour and I love the concept of the idea - i.e. being able to get my cleaning schedule in order. The pretty box will take pride of place in my kitchen. Today I showed one of my workmates and she was impressed. I will certainly continue to show off 'my little box' to friends and colleagues and hopefully get you some customers."

Debbie C.
Perth, Australia

"I was going to wait to give my daughter your kit (it was supposed to be an Easter surprise) but I just had to email you to let you know how much I appreciate your work! Plus, I caved-I gave it to her tonight! She LOVED it! She went through most of the cards while here and said it was really something she would be able to do! She has recently been diagnosed with some health problems and is in the middle of planning her wedding. Your Spring Clean Year 'Round will enable her to get everything done in little bites at a time. Thank you so much for finding the colors! They are perfect!"

Thank you again!
Amy H.
West Memphis, Arkansas

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Well, the time has finally come. I have run out of containers for my cleaning system and can no longer purchase them. Provo Crafts stopped making them and I bought all they had but have run out. I would love to continue to offer the "guts" of the Spring Clean Year 'Round system though. I still have many copies of the chore cards and will continue to make the dividers for your orders. All you will need is to find a container for them. Most recipe card holders are the appropriate size. Obviously, the cost will be reduced to take into account that it won't be nearly as cute as the ones I have made over the years (LOL!) Unless of course you are even the tiniest bit crafty and can adorable-ize your own! I would love to see your alternatives! Shoot me any questions or pictures at

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Helpful hints

A fellow Spring Clean Year 'Round buddy had this tip to share with me. We were discussing how its difficult to train our kids to go to the box every day without being told. She came up with this photo display and loads it each day for her kids. Here is what she had to say:
"Chores on the tree: to do. Chores on the table: done. Works for my teenagers!" Thanks Tatiana!
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thank you!

Somehow, this business continues to thrive. Thanks mostly to word of mouth and viral marketing, I have been able to sell over 430 of my cleaning systems to date! Being a full time working mom of four has limited my ability to brainstorm advertising and marketing ideas, but the orders just keep coming in! I have a limited number of tin boxes available to me since Provo Crafts stopped carrying them last year. I bought all I could find on the web and am down to the last of them. Because of this, I am offering a new lower price to clear out inventory and will be deciding where to go from there when they are all gone. I hope the lower price will enable more women to get their homes in order and their children into a good routine of being helpers around the house. That has always been my prayer for my customers. If you look below at the colors available, you will see 9 different choices. I just spent HOURS making up 50+ tins (I still have more) to get them ready to go out, so your box will look just like the pictures below. Some colors are limited and the choices will slim down as they are bought up. I sure am excited about some of the new color schemes I came up with!! Be sure to tell your neighbors and friends about the lower price and get them while you can!! I have finally joined the craze that is Pintrest and was quite surprised to find that my blog has already been pinned by others! Please add me to your boards (under favorite products or organzing maybe!) You can find my original pin by following me on Pintrest (Travis Martin Prachar); look on my "organizing" board. Lets see if we can get more viral marketing traffic!

Thank you again,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

About the product

This is  my system for keeping my home clean all year long without a week dedicated to "Spring cleaning"...ack, who wants to do that?? A friend called it a perpetual "to do" list. It keeps me accountable to see the cards staring at me, asking to be completed and refiled! I have found that it is much easier to maintain a clean house than to transform a filthy, disorganized house. This system will allow you to put minimal cleaning time in every day and have the peace of mind that your home is always clean! I used to wonder when I last dusted the ceiling fans, or the pictures on the walls, or checked for spiderwebs. But now, I don't worry about it because I have a system to remind me to do all those things regularly, so there aren't any forgotten chores.

Best of all, the simple organization and user friendliness assists parents to involve their children in the housework, making them more diligent, efficient, and appreciative, and giving them a feeling of accomplishment, confidence, and importance to the family. Age recommendations are made for each chore and are general guidelines. Supply lists and helpful hints are also found on each chore card, and the entire system is designed to be customized to fit your unique family's needs.

This is a cleaning system consisting of a comprehensive list of chores that need to be performed regularly for the average home. Here is how it works: you will receive 68 chore cards and daily and monthly dividers. Chores are categorized as twice weekly, weekly, monthly, twice monthly, every other month, etc. These recommendations are based on my personal experience and extensive research. The chores get sorted behind the monthly dividers based on seasonal appropriateness. Any chores that are classified as monthly or more frequent are sorted behind the number dividers. Each month, the additional chores (that are less frequent than monthly) are filed into the number dividers that represent the days of the month (1-31). For example, on September 1st I would go to the September divider and bring all those chores out to be sorted into the number dividers, spreading them out and being mindful of weekends, vacations, and days with lots of activities and less time for big chores. On September 3rd, I would look behind number divider "3" and perform those chores. Any chores completed would be refiled appropriately. For example, a weekly chore would be moved to the "10" (to be done on September 10th), a monthly chore would be left in place for the next month, etc. Any yearly chores would be filed back to the September divider and every other month chores would be refiled into November. I placed an example week of chores in the margin on the right as an example of one of my weeks in my chore box.

I have found this method of organizing my cleaning schedule to be so freeing! I no longer have to expend any energy trying to remember when a chore was last done, or rack my brain to think of a chore for a willing child. I direct any willing bodies to the chore box and let them choose a chore and refile it too! I don't have to worry about forgetting any chores, or noticing a forgotten chore when I have company!  How do I get my children to be willing? I require them to "earn" screen time by completing their chores. I have assigned minutes for the chores and they take the responsibility to keep track of their earned minutes and have to mark them off when they "play" them off. When they are older, we will switch to monetary compensation.
I know you will love this concept and wonder what you did without it (besides stress out about the possibility of someone dropping by unannounced)! I hope you will tell your neighbors and friends about the freedom and peace of mind this cleaning system has brought you!

Currently, I am assembling each system by hand, and will make every attempt to fill your order promptly. See me working hard?
Once your payment is received, I will ship your cleaning system directly to you. Each cleaning system includes: 1 hand decorated tin (see below for available colors), 2 sets of organizing dividers, 68 chore cards, 3 instructional/informational cards (you will want to read these first to get you started) and 5 blank cards for your personalization. The current price is $24.99 plus shipping (typically $5.35 for priority mail) plus delivery confirmation. I can't wait for you to get started! I know you will be blessed! Be sure to see the post below for more pictures and color choices!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pictures, colors, and ordering information

You can order your cleaning system right here on my blog! See the button all the way up at the top right? Click there to place your order! Easy as that!  I will ship via Priority Mail (USPS) for US orders, and parcel post for international orders.

***Currently I am shipping to the continental US, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Phillipines and Australia. If you are outside those areas and would like to order, please e-mail me directly for shipping costs at and I will set it up on PayPal.

Current color choices:
Seen here clockwise from top right: hot pink/green/brown, black/white, blue/green/brown, hot pink/brown, and turqoise/green/brown
Closer up: turqoise/green/brown

hot pink/brown

Seen here clockwise from top right: turquoise/orange/blue, turquoise/red, hot pink/red/blue and red/white/blue

Don't see what you want?? I can also take custom orders! Just indicate all colors wanted in the color preference box!! Any unusual colors or colors not listed as part of any of the above color combinations will require longer time to ship.  I have had a few custom colors that I have not been able to find in the right combinations, but I will do my very best if you will understand that you may be receiving an e-mail for a secondary color choice, or have a longer wait for your cleaning system. I want you to LOVE it!